So Delightful 🌺 🌸 ☀️

I ADORE Hope Lyda’s books!  Her newest release from Harvest House Publishers is an extra-special one, because it is an interactive, one-of-a-kind, fresh little devotional entitled “What Do You Need Today? Simple Encouragement for Real-Life Moments”.  In this book, Hope writes as though she is best friends with us, her readers, as she takes the lead and guides us on a fun and fruitful journey of infusing discovery and adventure into our daily lives.

There are so many things to enjoy and be delighted about inside this book… To name a few:

  • The cover is adorable and pretty, and just makes you smile to see it!  
  • The format is fun and easy to read: each devotional chapter opens with a sweet anecdotal story that isn’t about the author so much as it is about you, the reader!  We are drawn into the narrative and encouraged to insert ourselves into the scene set before us – whether that is a day at the beach or an evening at a dinner party (or anything in between).  
  • Next in each chapter is a series of journal questions (with space to record our answers) called our “Care Package” – so we are given a gift, asked to unwrap it, and then record our response to the previous anecdote and gifts.  
  • Finally we receive one last blessing as we are invited to welcome God’s Word into our hearts and apply a verse of Scripture to our life, followed by a God-inspired self-care talk (aka, a prayer!).  

Doesn’t this little book sound like such a breath of fresh air in our busy lives that so often find us struggling to get through each day?  At least for me, “What Do You Need Today?” truly felt like a welcome gift and a prayerful respite for a tired and weary soul.  I highly recommend this book to women of all ages and circumstances, and would also add that it makes a fantastic gift for a friend, sister, mom, or grandmother!  It is truly a book that can be enjoyed by all, and it is so infused with light and love that it is bound to be a blessing to whomever opens the pretty cover.  

Thank you Hope Lyda, for your gift to us in the form of a beautiful, God-breathed little book that is such an encouragement, and a joy to savour.  

I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harvest House Publishers.  I extend my thanks for the opportunity to review this title, and wish to note that all thoughts and opinions in this review are my own.

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