Do you love to read living books – books that inspire, encourage, and uplift you on your journey of life?  From our point of view, a good definition of living books should include:

– fictitious stories that give us (as readers) a glimpse into the lives of characters almost as real as our friends, and portray dilemmas and decisions relevant to our own lives, regardless of time or place. 

– non-fiction books, containing true-to-life information to challenge us, give us insight, and help us grow in our wisdom and understanding.

If your idea of a good book fits this criteria, well, you’ve come to the right place… We love living books, too!  In the pages of our online home, you will find reviews and information about new and high-quality books – both fiction and non-fiction – that we find inspiring and uplifting, but also challenging and thought-provoking.  In addition, our choices in books will always reflect our Christian beliefs, and naturally our reviews will, too.

If you would like to discover a new favourite book, series, or author, please make yourself at home! 

Scroll down to see our most recent posts, or click the links to the side or above to view other sections of Prairie Sky Book Reviews.  Hopefully you will enjoy your visit, and come back again soon.  We look forward to helping you begin an exciting adventure through the pages of a well-written book.


The Prairie Sky Natural Living team

P.S.  Every once in a while, a television show, movie, or song collection can affect us just as deeply as a written story.  For this reason, Prairie Sky Book Reviews will also occasionally mention our top picks in entertainment, but only if they meet the same criteria by which we measure books.  So, as you explore our website, don’t be surprised if you find a new movie or song album that you may like to check out…