An Exciting New Film Releases This Weekend: “Little Women: A Modern Movie”!

2018 marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of a very special story. This story has worked its way into the hearts and imaginations of girls for generations, and influenced young women to love, dream, grow, and become the women God created them to be. “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott is one of my favorite classic novels, and on September 28th, 2018, this timeless story will be released in theatres as a modern movie to inspire a new generation of girls. Pinnacle Peak Entertainment and Pure Flix presents: “Little Women: A Modern Movie”. Continue reading

A New Movie from Affirm Films: Paul, Apostle of Christ

“Their Faith Challenged an Empire. Their Words Changed the World”. This Easter season, take a journey back in time and witness the powerful, world-shaking story of the early church come to life through a compelling retelling of the journeys of Paul and Luke. “Paul, Apostle of Christ”, a new feature-length movie from Affirm Films starring James Faulkner and Jim Caviezel, is in theaters as of March 23, 2018. Continue reading

A Unique Experience for Christian Music Fans… Hillsong: Let Hope Rise!


This review was written by a special guest blogger and all-things-musical expert, my sister Hayley!

Most fans of the Christian music genre have heard of Hillsong. Their music sings of hope, redemption, mercy, and love. In “Hillsong: Let Hope Rise”, fans will receive a new look at the “behind the scenes” aspects of their musical productions. They will meet the people who have worked so tirelessly in their ministry to create beloved songs like Hosanna, Oceans, and Touch the Sky. Continue reading

‘McFarland, USA’ movie review

McFarland ‘Champions can come from anywhere’… In the case of the February 2015 release of a feel-good, family sports drama from Walt Disney Pictures and Mayhem Pictures, champions come from ‘McFarland, USA’.   Audiences will join a lovable host of characters in the story of an unlikely cross-country team who overcomes arduous circumstances to succeed beyond their dreams. Based on true events, ‘McFarland, USA’ is a PG-rated family drama sprinkled with generous amounts of humor and action, while maintaining an overall sincere, wholehearted mood.   Additionally, a soundtrack for the movie debuts an upbeat and catchy original song Continue reading

The Drop Box movie review

20140719-L1028705Imagine you are fast asleep one night when a sound much like a doorbell disturbs your dreams. You jerk to wakefulness, but not because you wonder who could be at the door at this hour… No, you wonder what you will find when go to the source of the ringing, and open the box. This is not just any box – this is the BABY box.

Amazingly, this scenario is precisely what has happened countless times to Pastor Lee Jong-Rak of Seoul, South Korea. You see, Pastor Lee is the founder and operator of an orphanage for unwanted babies, and the very deserving ‘hero’ of a new documentary film entitled The Drop Box, presented by Focus on the Family Canada in March of 2015. In this heart-wrenching tale of courage and compassion, Continue reading