A Lasting Impression review

A Lasting ImpressionBestselling author Tamera Alexander’s newest novel, A Lasting Impression, was released by Bethany House* in the fall of 2011, and is sure to make a ‘lasting impression’ on your heart and imagination. Both humorous and tender, this novel will make you laugh and cry within the span of a few pages!  From a historical accuracy standpoint, this incredible story has clearly been researched down to every last detail.  In an online interview with Ms. Alexander, she states that the director of the Belmont Mansion today actually read her manuscript before it was published, simply to ensure that all aspects of the mansion were portrayed accurately!

An intriguing aspect of this sweeping story is its remarkable cast of characters, each vividly portrayed and soon ingrained in your imagination.  Claire Laurent is a young woman with a regrettable past who is given the chance to alter her future for the better.  Sutton Monroe is a beginning attorney whose past is also filled with regrets, but of a different kind.  Through an unexpected series of events, Claire and Sutton’s lives intersect at Belmont, a mansion and estate owned by one of the richest women in America at the time, Mrs. Adelica Acklen – an actual person in history, and a vital member of the supporting cast in this story.

Several years before our story begins, Claire was pressured into furthering her family’s business by using her abilities at painting… to forge the works of famous artists.  Now a young adult, Claire is forced to make decisions on her own when a sudden crises disrupts her entire world.  Soon she finds herself at Belmont Mansion, which turns out to be both the world she’s always dreamed of belonging in, and the worst place in which to keep her previous life a secret.  What will happen when Claire’s past finally catches up with her, threatening to tear down everything she’s been working so hard to build?

A Lasting Impression is a story about being authentic.  It’s about being yourself, and loving others for being themselves.  Throughout the story, Claire struggles with feelings of unworthiness, and constantly feels inadequate for all that she has been blessed with at Belmont.  By story’s end, however, Claire finds the courage to see herself, and others, for who they truly are.  This story is also about trust, and giving your ambitions to God, letting Him guide you and fuel your dreams for the future.  In one of the most touching scenes in the story, Claire hears God’s voice in her heart, asking her if she would use her talent for painting, if she were only painting for Him.    Each message is woven seamlessly into the story.

In conclusion, A Lasting Impression by Tamera Alexander is truly a masterpiece.  The writing style was a joy to read, as it was both humorous and touching.  The history in this story is extremely interesting, especially because the reader can be assured that it is as accurate as possible.  In addition, the characters in this story are lovable and realistic, and quickly become your friends, even though, or perhaps because, they have a good share of faults.  One more important element makes this story stand out from others, but is difficult to describe…  Somehow the incredible manner in which the entire story comes together really makes you feel as though Ms. Alexander was inspired by God when writing her story. Altogether, this book will leave an inspiring and lasting impression on your heart.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your favourite bookseller from Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing Group”.

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