Not Who I Imagined – A Special Guest Review

This post was written by one of our followers, as a special guest review.  Prairie Sky Book Reviews would like to thank H.B.E. for her contribution to our blog!

Not Who I Imagined cover“Can you fathom the possibility that anything you could possibly fear in this life or the next is overwhelmingly conquered by the reality of your eternal belovedness?”  This is a line taken from author Margot’s Starbuck’s “Not Who I Imagined”, a March, 2014 release from Baker Books publishers.  With a tone of honesty and humour, Ms. Starbuck’s book will take you on a thought-provoking journey of discovering the character of God anew.

Whether consciously, or subconsciously, we form beliefs as to whether God is distant, disappointed, and angry, or close, caring, and loving.  Those beliefs, whether positive or negative, are often formed by others (relative, friend, coworker, etc.) who are, or have been in our lives.  In this book you will uncover the truths that say:

**You are loved and accepted just as you are.

**You are worthy of being loved and accepted.

**God is not a distant deity, but a closely involved Heavenly Father who calls you “beloved”.

**There is absolutely nothing that you have done, or possibly could do that will make Him love and accept you any less.

To all of these statements, I give a hearty “Amen!”.  “Not Who I Imagined”, though at times written in a hard-to-follow style, comes through loud and clear on these points, and many others.  However, with her emphasis upon the fact that we are loved and accepted just as we are, the author gave me the impression, whether intended or not, that when we acknowledge a fault in ourselves, we do not have to point our efforts towards overcoming that fault.  Although I do not know if this is the impression intended, it did come through to me, and it is one that I disagree with.

But, all considered, “Not Who I Imagined”  is a beautiful book which should not be missed by any person who has ever asked themselves “Am I worthy?”.  Don’t overlook your chance to gaze into the true face of God… the Face which defines you as nothing less than beloved.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.
Available at your favourite bookseller from BakerBooks, a division of Baker Publishing Group”.

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