The Financially Confident Woman review

The Financially Confident Woman imageEveryone must deal with finances at some point in their lives, sometimes in positive ways and other times in negative ways. The question is, do we have the confidence to control our money, making wise and balanced decisions about spending, saving, investing, etc.? If your answer is no, you do not feel financially confident, your voice echoes a large percentage of women in the world today. But Mary Hunt, bestselling author and motivational speaker on the subject of battling consumer debt, may be able to help. In a new release from Revell entitled The Financially Confident Woman, Ms. Hunt provides basic concepts and strategies for building confidence and acumen in the area of personal finances.

Written in a warm, inviting voice, The Financially Confident Women is certain to gain your trust beginning in Chapter 1, where Ms. Hunt shares her personal story of youthful, monetary unawareness. Financial disaster soon followed. Ultimately, however, she discovered her own ability to overcome debt and unhealthy spending habits, and to share with readers the lessons she learned along the way. These lessons are woven into her book and divided into four parts: Self Examination; Roles, Myths, and Reformation; Nine Habits of a Financially Confident Woman; and Becoming a Financially Confident Woman. Abounding in each chapter is basic information and clear, step-by-step processes, as well as practical ideas for implementing your newfound knowledge. Although some readers may already be utilizing many of the concepts, the book abounds with so many suggestions that everyone is certain to gain some new financial insights, whether many or few. From fun ideas for living below your means to unveiling the magic of compounding interest, Mary Hunt sheds light on various subjects certain to increase your wisdom in finances.

As the award-winning, bestselling author of more than half-a-dozen books, and the founder and publisher of an interactive website entitled Debt-Proof Living, Mary Hunt is very experienced and well qualified to advise on the subject of personal finances. Occasionally her obvious self-assurance, even pushiness, can be a little annoying, but then again the book IS about confidence in finances. Another downside is that for Canadians and other readers outside of the United States, some of her information will prove frustratingly irrelevant. Overall, however, this little book is packed with useful, maybe even life changing counsel. Best of all, most of the material is pertinent to women in all circumstances, at all ages, married or single, working at home or in a company. As a guidebook outlining the basics of personal finance to such a wide-reaching audience, this book is certain to help women gain confidence – whether great or small – for improving their own financial situation.

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

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