How to Catch a Prince review

How to Catch a Prince reviewTitle: How to Catch a Prince

Author: Rachel Hauck

Publishing House/Publication Date: Zondervan/2015

Genres: Christian Fiction; Inspirational Romance

Time Period: Modern Day

Number of Pages: 360

Series: Book #3 in ‘The Royal Wedding Series’


You should read this book if… You enjoyed the previous two books in the series, (though it is unnecessary to read them sequentially), or if you love faith-based, modern-day fairytales with happy endings. This book is recommended for mature readers due to occasional content pitfalls.

Tone and Mood: Written in a gentle, whimsical style, this story steps back and forth over the bounds of reality with grace and tenderness. As a personal growth narrative, the journey that begins in subdued grief and despair gradually gives way to love and hope and, most of all, healing.

Characters and Point of View: Third-person point of view brings the story to life through the eyes of two people – American heiress Corina Del Rey and Prince Stephen of Brighton Kingdom. After years of struggling through the fog of grief over losing her twin brother, Corina is finally ready to start over. Or at least try. Across the ocean, Stephen buries his internal wounds beneath his all-encompassing lifestyle as a professional rugby star, until an injury leaves him out for the season – or worse. Both protagonists are portrayed with authenticity and empathy, but various secondary characters, including those from previous books in the series, are not as realistic in dialog or actions as their focal counterparts.

Storyline: As unexpected implications are revealed about the secrets that tie Corina and Stephen together – but also tore them apart five years ago – each must make decisions that will test all of their strength, love, and faith in God… and each other. Though not always 100% true to reality, this story never falters in sincerity.

Themes and Morals: Various truth-based ideals are woven throughout the book, including forgiveness in many forms, and the process of moving on after tragedy. Prominently at the heart of the story, however, is the paradigm to ‘love well’. You will have to read the story to discover all the effects of this profound pair of words in the lives of Corina and Stephen… and maybe yours, too.

Inappropriate Content: Several personal marriage references, memories and conversations make this book inappropriate for a younger audience. In truth, it is disappointing for these instances to be in Christian Fiction at all, and though few in number reflect negatively on the story as a whole.

Conclusion: Overall, this book was a delight to be swept away in, and is a sweet conclusion to a fun series. Apart from a few words and scenarios, as a God-focused, real-life fairytale you won’t find much better. Step into the story and discover for yourself that ‘loving well’ is the one, true process of How to Catch a Prince.

*** This book was provided courtesy of HarperCollins Canada, in exchange for my honest review.   It is available for purchase at bookstores from Zondervan Publishers.


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