Bright, Sparkling, and Uplifting!

PrintTitle: Immeasurable: A Memoir

Author: Diana Anderson-Tyler

Publishing House/Publication Date: eLecto Publishing, LLC/2015

Genres: Memoir; Devotional; Inspirational Non-Fiction

Number of Pages: 107

You should read this book if… You are looking for a bright, upbeat, quick-to-read book packed with uplifting insight about the healing power of God’s love. Aimed primarily at young women, this book is sure to inspire readers who want to live in the center of God’s will, allowing him to transform their lives from the inside out.

Theme and Message: Although the range of ideas contained within Immeasurable is varied, one foundational message remains at the heart of each chapter. Using illustrations from her own experiences, Diana reveals the importance of seeking God in all of life – from the tiny details and daily struggles to the health issues and personal tragedies. As a teen, Diana struggled with eating disorders, and this also factors into her approach as a mentor for young women.

Writing Style and Voice: One of the best and most refreshing elements of this book is the delightful voice of the author sparkling from each page. With a friendly, chatty style and down-to-earth humor, Diana quickly wins the hearts – and interest – of her readers.

Structure and Organization: Formatted in a basic, nine-chapter layout, the pages of the book are easy to read and appealing. Multiple sub-headings break down each chapter, and bullet-point lists, featured Scripture verses, and quotes from celebrated authors make the reader’s time move quickly.Immeasurable quote image

Questionable Content: Virtually nothing in this book is likely to be viewed as objectionable, even by the most conservative of readers.   Though it does not go as deep theologically as many Christian books in the non-fiction genre, perhaps it fills a gap with lighter inspirational material.

Conclusion: Immeasurable is a bright and sparkling book that is easy and uplifting to read. Targeted at an audience of young women, it is sure to bring a few gems of wisdom into view for almost any reader. If you would like a fresh voice to whisper bits of wisdom into your heart about the abundance of God’s love, don’t hesitate to check out Diana Anderson-Tyler’s new memoir.

***A review copy of this book was provided courtesy of the author and Word Slinger Publicity, in exchange for an honest review.

Author and fitness instructor Diana Anderson-Tyler has written several other books about personal fitness from a Christian perspective, all well-worth checking out.  To learn more, and to download a free fitness eBook, please click the image below!

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