A Unique Experience for Christian Music Fans… Hillsong: Let Hope Rise!


This review was written by a special guest blogger and all-things-musical expert, my sister Hayley!

Most fans of the Christian music genre have heard of Hillsong. Their music sings of hope, redemption, mercy, and love. In “Hillsong: Let Hope Rise”, fans will receive a new look at the “behind the scenes” aspects of their musical productions. They will meet the people who have worked so tirelessly in their ministry to create beloved songs like Hosanna, Oceans, and Touch the Sky.

When Hillsong takes the stage, they have one goal. This goal is not to draw the attention of their audience, but to direct their attention to the One deserving of our worship. As one member of Hillsong states: “I believe that God created music for the sole purpose of worshipping Him”. And that is exactly what960 Hillsong does – worship. For them, a performance is not really a performance, but a service to both God and to His people, teaching them to follow Him, to praise Him, and to love Him.

In “Hillsong: Let Hope Rise”, you will see the far-reaching effects of a very special group of people who have devoted their lives to capturing the untouchable, unexplainable thoughts of Heaven and spreading them to millions of listeners across the world through the music they create. And its all for one thing: “Its about God. You take Him out of the equation – you’ve got nothing.”

This movie was viewed through an exclusive online reviewer/blogger screening, courtesy of Graf-Martin Communications and Pure Flix Entertainment.

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