Relaxing and Inspirational Summer Story

Every once in a while I enjoy reading a good Amish story, especially those written by acclaimed author Beverly Lewis and published by Bethany House. When I first read the back cover for Ms. Lewis’ newest book entitled “The Ebb Tide”, I knew this was a story I didn’t want to miss…

Sally Riehl is a young woman who was “born with wanderlust in her heart”, and always enjoys learning about new and faraway places. The only problem with this? She lives in the Amish community of Paradise Township, where young adults are expected to settle down and take baptism classes in preparation for joining the church. Naturally Sally expects to follow her parents’ wishes, but first she wants to have a grand, first-and-last adventure all her own. But God just may have other plans for her…

As fresh, sweet, and simple as a summer by the ocean can be, “The Ebb Tide” is certainly not- to-be-missed for fans of the Amish fiction genre. In fact, any reader searching for a relaxing and inspirational story to enjoy on a sunny summer afternoon will likely find this novel to fit the bill perfectly.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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