Inspiration and Encouragement to Begin Again – Guest Review by Hayley

“Always we begin again.”  This quote from St. Benedict is the inspiration for Revel author Leanna Tankersley’s newest release, “Begin Again: The Brave Practice of Releasing Hurt & Receiving Rest”.  Her last book, “Brazen”, became a very big inspiration in my life after it’s release in 2016.  Now, only two years later, Leanna has written another book filled with inspiration and encouragement that I am positive will impact the lives of women of all ages.

There is something so very refreshing and life-giving about the words “begin again,” and, just as Leanna says, it offers us a chance to start over, whether it be daily or hourly, or every minute.

Do you struggle with forgiveness of yourself?  Leanna offers words of wisdom and gentleness that can penetrate through regret and most importantly bring you into the loving arms of Christ.  Do you ever feel very “young” and incapable when confronted with the challenges of daily life?  Leanna offers us insight of how to move past reprimanding ourselves, and allow ourselves to be taken gently by the hand, and move our way out of feeling incompetent and toward knowing that we are cared for, and then living our lives from that knowledge of safety.   Honestly, I could go on for pages of the many beautiful truths you will encounter within the pages of “Begin Again”, but I certainly will not be able to write it as she can, and so I will leave it for you to discover yourself.

Speaking of the writing style, this is perhaps what struck me most, even more than the actual concepts of “Begin Again”.  The writing of this book will make you feel as if Leanna is not only right there with you, but holding your hand and ministering to you with the care, compassion, and gentleness that will inspire all of us as a reflection of God’s heart toward us.

If anything above resonated with you, I encourage to you pick up a copy of “Begin Again”.  It is absolutely certain to inspire, encourage, and guide you on a path of what it means to truly move past our failed efforts and start over without all the striving, shame, and mistrust, and move into surrender, joy, and safety.

I received this book courtesy of Revell Publishing, in participation with a Revell Reads Blog Tour.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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