A Sweet, Memorable Historical Story (Set in Canada!)

I just finished the type of book that I wish could have went on for much longer. Thankfully, it is the beginning of a brand-new series! “The Best of Intentions” is the first installment of Susan Anne Mason’s new “Canadian Crossings” series published by Bethany House, and is a memorable and inspiring addition to the Christian Historical Fiction genre.

Set in Toronto shortly after the end of WWI, “The Best of Intentions” tells a story of love and loss, healing and hope, and the lasting ties of family. The characters are dynamic and vividly portrayed, growing and learning and changing as they seek God’s purposes for their lives. They make mistakes, sometimes serious ones, but this unidealized portrayal of human nature helps bring the story to life.

In addition to the memorable characters, I absolutely loved reading a story set in my own country of Canada – it’s not every day that a Canadian series is published by Bethany House, that’s for sure! Numerous little details about Canadian culture, such as the celebration of Dominion Day on July 1st (now called Canada Day), really resonated with me. I can’t wait to see what other Canada-isms will be included in the next book of the series!

If you enjoy sweet, high-quality, clean and inspiring Historical Fiction that tugs at your heartstrings and you wish could go on for several hundred more pages, you won’t want to miss “The Best of Intentions”. It is one of the most heartwarming novels I’ve read in quite a while, and is definitely one I plan to share, recommend, and re-read soon.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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