A Guide For Studying the Book of Jude

Whenever a new book in the Moody Bible Studies for Women series is released, it instantly goes on my ‘need-to-read’ list! The newest addition is entitled “Keeping the Faith: A Study in Jude”. Written by Lianna Davis, this is a 6-week study that dives deep into the small but powerful book of Jude – a portion of the Bible that is often overlooked.

In “Keeping the Faith”, Lianna guides us verse by verse through the book of Jude as we unpack topics such as: walking with God in mercy, peace, and love; recognizing true warnings and false teachers; and understanding theological topics such as Gnosticism and antinomianism.

Each of the six weeks of this study are comprised of an introduction and five days of lessons. Every day features a highlighted verse from Jude and a pertinent cross-reference, a prayer, and then a brief reading that is packed with insightful teachings from the author, as well as quotations from commentators and theologians whom she has learned from. Finally, we close off each day with a set of questions for study and reflection, to help us apply what we learned to our own lives.

All in all I enjoyed diving into the book of Jude, and found Lianna’s writing to be warm and conversational, yet extremely intelligent and in-depth. If you are looking for a new Bible study, perhaps about an often-overlooked book of the Bible such as Jude, I highly recommend “Keeping the Faith”. I learned a lot from it, and it makes a wonderful addition to the Moody Bible Studies for Women series that I adore.

I received this book courtesy of Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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