Sarah Sundin’s Newest Novel Is Not What I Was Expecting – Guest Review by Hayley

The newest and long-awaited release from author Sarah Sundin is here!  Breaking this author’s regular pattern of trilogies, “When Twilight Breaks” is a standalone novel, although it is still set in the WWII time period we’ve come to associate from Sarah Sundin’s works.

After reading the previous 6 books from Sarah Sundin, I’ve been among the first to praise them.  The last two trilogies have been excellent, which is why my hopes were high for “When Twilight Breaks”.  In many ways this new release did not disappoint.  It contains the author’s signature weave of WWII drama, romance, and historical detail.  And this one in particular has an added twist compared to previous releases, as it takes place largely within the borders of Nazi Germany and is told from the perspective of Americans living within the spiraling events leading to WWII.

However in other ways, “When Twilight Breaks” sort of did disappoint.  For one thing, it was overly hard to follow in some parts, and I also did not always feel that the characters acted realistically under a given set of circumstances.  For another, there was some surprisingly suggestive dialogue in places.  Thus, all in all, the scales were tipped a little more out of favour for “When Twilight Breaks”, at least in my mind.

All that being said, I might still recommend “When Twilight Breaks” to the right person.  But this time, I would add a disclaimer that it doesn’t bring quite the level of enjoyment that we’ve come to hope for from prior releases.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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