An Excellent Summer Read & A Sweet Series Conclusion – guest review by Hayley

I have long waited for this book.  The conclusion to the series of “Three Sisters Island” is here, and I have to say it was my favourite of the series.  

“At Lighthouse Point” had many aspects that made it, in my opinion, the best of the series. First of all, it finally concluded the relationship between Blaine and Artie that had readers guessing throughout the series – (and it was concluded wonderfully I might add!)  And although I won’t spoil it here, the significance of the Lighthouse Point is amazing – I love Blaine’s vision for the lighthouse on the island.  

Next, I really like how many of the characters’ development ended up.  Maddie faces some of the fears that have plagued her throughout her life.  Blaine at last finds her way and is no longer “lost” in life as she once saw herself, which causes her family to then treat her with more respect and take her more seriously.  Another thing that I really appreciated was Cam’s story ending.  Finally, after years and years, she learns to see things from another perspective and consider what others want, rather than constantly forcing her way.  To be honest, this felt like a long time coming, and I’m glad that Cam at last learned the very important quality of listening.  

Blaine’s story was my favourite of the three sisters.  There is undoubtedly some times of heartbreaking bleakness which has her questioning the value of her life, but her story ends in hope and light, rather than the very dark place where she once found herself. 

Thus, I encourage you not to miss the conclusion of the “Three Sisters Island” series – “At Lighthouse Point” is an excellent way to start your summer.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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