Another Epic Historical From Amy Lynn Green

Sometimes when an especially epic debut novel emerges from the publishing world, I can’t help but wonder if it was in part beginner’s luck… not that a lot of hard work wasn’t involved, yet how can the newly minted author possibly write another story that lives up to the first one, right?  But with Amy Lynn Green, her second release from Bethany House is just as incredible as the first.  In fact, you can tell that this author has so much yet-untapped, storytelling potential and creative genius just waiting to emerge, and I am so excited to see where her journey as an author takes her.  

The Lines Between Us” is a story that comes to life so vividly, while featuring little-known aspects of WWII.  Namely, the role of Conscientious Objectors such as those with Quaker backgrounds, and how these men chose not to travel overseas with the army to fight the Axis powers.  Instead, some of these men joined programs designed to keep the home front safe – such as by becoming ‘smokejumpers’ and putting out forest fires before they could devastate huge portions of America.  But, what if so much more was at play than just these men sticking to their beliefs and doing their job honourably – what if secret operations, classified information, the suspicion of murder, animosity by those considering the COs cowardly, and a host of other difficulties are also standing in their way?  That is just where our story comes in, and brings an always compelling, sometimes heartbreaking, and occasionally hilarious narrative to light with such vivacity and colour that you can’t help but feel you are really there.  

One more thing to note: If you read “Things We Didn’t Say”, Amy Green’s first book published last year, you may be wondering if this new release is also an epistolary (told only through letters sent between characters)…. The answer is no, but letters do play a very important role in the story.  

All in all, I adored every page of “The Lines Between Us”, and found the last few chapters of resolution to be outstanding and completely unexpected.  I cannot wait to see what is in store next from this incredibly talented author!

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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