A Few Delightful Sites

Below we hope to share with you a few sites that give us delight – in other words, blogs and websites that we find encouraging, uplifting, and God-glorifying.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.  Please feel free to share with us, and our readers, any sites that you find delightful.

Click the titles below to visit each amazing site.

Christian Girls Blog

This special site is sure to be enjoyed by girls (and young women) of all ages, as a fun way to learn about different aspects of living a Christ-like life.  From inspirational music and heartfelt messages to fashion tips and just-for-fun contests and trivia, Christian Girls Blog provides a safe, fun, and inspiring online place for girls to visit.  We highly recommend this site to any of the girls in your life.

Inspired by Life…  and Fiction

The contributors to this blog are all published Christian authors who share their insights about life, books, and loving God.  Each day a different author posts an inspirational message, and gives readers the chance to reply with feedback.  We highly recommend this special site.

Rocky Mountain Bloggers

If you are a blogger in Alberta, or if you are looking for some inspiration from different types of blogs, Rocky Mountain Bloggers is a must-visit site!  In the words of RMB, “We see the beauty in being able to express our passions through blogging, and that is why Rocky Mountain Blogs exists – as a directory for the many blogs offered by individuals in Alberta.”  This lovely site specializes in showcasing blogs in the categories of: style, beauty, book review/online magazines, mommy, lifestyle, photography, and decor.

Chatting at the Sky

Created by author Emily P. Freeman as ‘a place for a woman’s soul to breathe’, this blog and website combined depicts the beauty of living in Christ as the art He made us to be.  Through her down-to-earth yet without a doubt Heaven-inspired writing style, Emily shares her heart with her readers.  Be sure to check out the ‘Books’ section of this site for details and videos about her three life-changing books, as well.

Stylin By Arrow

A fantastic website dedicated to fashion tips and ideas, all from the perspective of modesty and inspiration.  Each post contains helpful information ranging from just-announced sales info to fun fashion advice for the upcoming season.  Don’t miss it!

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    • Thank you for checking out Prairie Sky Book Reviews, and sharing your thoughts with us… I’m glad you are enjoying our site! Hopefully you can find a new book to read, movie to watch, or song to listen to that will inspire and uplift you. That is our goal : )

      Prairie Sky Book Reviewer

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