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Oke_JanetteJanette Oke

Janette Oke is a beloved Canadian author known around the world as the pioneer of Inspirational Fiction.  Her stories portray the lives of characters in times past, bringing the days of covered wagons and log cabins to life for today’s reader.  Her books are more than just narratives from history, though.  Each character to walk across the pages of her stories will come to life in your imagination, sharing their lives filled with love and loss.  If you have never experienced a Janette Oke story, we highly recommend you give one a try.  If you would like to learn more about Janette, visit her webpage.

Below are the titles from Janette’s various series:

Love Comes Softly series 

1. Love Comes Softly  / 2. Love’s Enduring Promise / 3. Love’s Long Journey / 4. Love’s Abiding Joy / 5. Love’s Unending Legacy / 6. Love’s Unfolding Dream / 7. Love Takes Wing / 8. Love Finds a Home


The Prairie Legacy series (a continuation of Love Comes Softly, leading into the next generations)

1. The Tender Years / 2. A Searching Heart / 3. A Quiet Strength / 4. Like Gold Refined


The Canadian West series

1. When Calls the Heart / 2. When Comes the Spring / 3. When Breaks the Dawn / 4. When Hope Springs New / 5. Beyond the Gathering Storm / 6. When Tomorrow Comes


Women of the West series (stand-alone novels, not read in sequence)

The Calling of Emily Evans / Julia’s Last Hope / Roses for Mama / A Woman Named Damaris / They Called Her Mrs. Doc / The Measure of a Heart / A Bride for Donnigan / Heart of the Wilderness / Too Long a Stranger / The Bluebird and the Sparrow / A Gown of Spanish Lace / Drums of Change


Seasons of the Heart series

1. Once Upon a Summer / 2. The Winds of Autumn / 3. Winter is Not Forever / 4. Spring’s Gentle Promise


The Song of Acadia series (co-written with T. Davis Bunn)

1. The Meeting Place / 2. The Sacred Shore / 3. The Birthright / 4. The Distant Beacon / 5. The Beloved Land


The Acts of Faith series (co-written with T. Davis Bunn)

1. The Centurion’s Wife / 2. The Hidden Flame / 3. The Damascus Way



Kim Vogel Sawyer - author of gentle stories of hopeKim Vogel Sawyer

Kim Vogel Sawyer is a best-selling author who, in her own words, writes ‘gentle stories of hope’.  Although her signature stories are Historical and usually set on the prairies during pioneer times, Kim is also the author of Contemporary, Mennonite, and Young Adult fiction.  With dozens of books in print, and more to be released in 2014, Kim remains one of our favourite authors at Prairie Sky Book Reviews.  Her stories paint vivid pictures of characters, settings, and heartfelt stories in the minds of readers.  If you have not yet discovered Kim’s books, we invite you to check out one of our favourite titles below…  Each one is highly recommended.

If you would like to learn more about Kim and her stories from the heart, please visit her website.


Stand-Alone Novels

A Hopeful Heart / When Hope Blossoms / Song of My Heart / A Whisper of Peace / Courting Miss Amsel / A Home in Drayton Valley / What Once Was Lost

Waiting for Summer’s Return / Where the Heart Leads (a sequel to Waiting for Summer’s Return)


The Sommerfeld Trilogy

1. Bygones / 2. Beginnings / 3. Blessings



Michael Phillips image Michael Phillips

Considered one of the most versatile and prolific Christian authors of our time, Michael Phillips has written over sixty books of both fiction and non-fiction subjects.  With rare insight into areas of faith not explored by many authors, Michael’s books have the ability to influence the lives of readers in a very powerful way.  Although some of these timeless books are currently out of print, they are more than worth searching for, either at your library or from used bookstores.

Although vivid characters are certainly a component of the books authored by Michael Phillips, many other elements add great depth to the books as well.  Constantly challenging readers to search for meaning, probing the hidden depths of the heart with truth, and introducing unusual and unique ideas, Michael ensures that any open-minded reader will not lay down one of his books without being changed – enriched – in some way, big or small.

Below are many, but not all, of Michael Phillips’ titles.  If you would like to view a complete list of his titles, or learn more about his mission and ideas, please visit his website or blog.  We encourage you to read the books in each series in the proper order, as each one closely ties and builds on the others, not only in plot and character development, but also in complexity of ideas!


Fiction by Michael Phillips

The Journals of Corrie Belle Hollister series

1. My Father’s World / 2. Daughter of Grace / 3. On the Trail of the Truth / 4. A Place in the Sun / 5. Sea to Shining Sea / 6. Into the Long Dark Night / 7. Land of the Brave and Free / 8. A Home for the Heart / 9. The Braxtons of Miracle Springs / 10. A New Beginning

Grayfox (companion to The Journals of Corrie Belle Hollister)


The Secret of the Rose series

1. The Eleventh Hour / 2. A Rose Remembered / 3. Escape to Freedom / 4. Dawn of Liberty


The Secrets of Heathersleigh Hall series

1. Wild Grows the Heather in Devon / 2. Wayward Winds / 3. Heathersleigh Homecoming / 4. A New Dawn Over Devon


Stonewycke Trilogy and Stonewycke Legacy series (co-authored with Judith Pella)

1. The Heather Hills of Stonewycke / 2. Flight From Stonewycke / 3. Lady of Stonewycke

1. Stranger at Stonewycke / 2. Shadows Over Stonewycke / 3. Treasures of Stonewycke


Highland series (co-authored with Judith Pella)

1. Jamie MacLeod, Highland Lass / 2. Robbie Taggart, Highland Sailor


Non-Fiction by Michael Phillips

The Eyewitness New Testament, Volume 1 / The Eyewitness New Testament, Volume 2
Best Friends for Life: An Extraordinary New Approach to Dating, Courtship, and Marriage – for Parents and Their Teens
The Commands
Make Me Like Jesus
A God to Call Father
Jesus An Obedient Son








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Tamera Alexander

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