A Brand-New Christmas Story!

Angel Dreams imageAlthough beautiful autumn weather often makes it feel more like summer than fast-approaching winter, now is the perfect time to start selecting some new Christmas-themed stories to read before and during the holiday season…  And I just might have a suggestion you will enjoy!

One of my favorite authors (and certainly the most influential writer in my life) is Michael Phillips.  Recently he announced that he has co-authored a special Christmas ‘fantasy’ entitled Angel Dreams.  According to Mr. Phillips’ facebook page,  this story takes place mostly during the fall months and Christmas season – making this the perfect time of year to enjoy it!  Officially released just last week, Angel Dreams is available from Amazon, CreateSpace, or directly from Mr. Phillips’ website.  According to the back cover of this book:

“Angel Dreams is a memorable love story for Christmas, and for the special days of all the year. This delightful real-life “fantasy,” with a little of the miraculous thrown in, is unlike anything you have read before. Imaginative broadcaster and author Chris Schneider teams up in Angel Dreams with master storyteller and best-selling novelist Michael Phillips in an exciting new co-writing partnership. You will think you’ve stepped into the middle of a Hallmark movie as the touching story of Janet Holiday and Luke Kirch slowly and mysteriously unfolds. The lives of the two strangers gradually intertwine long before either has any idea what is happening. Is destiny drawing them closer, or is it the work of a mysterious Man who knows both more intimately than they know themselves? It will take a Christmas miracle for them to discover the answer.”

Doesn’t this sound great?  I love Mr. Phillips’ thought-provoking, inspirational writing style, I enjoy many Hallmark movies, and who doesn’t delight in a Christmas love story!   I can hardly wait to read it, but I’m still waiting (im)patiently for it to arrive in the mail…

If anyone decides to read Angel Dreams, we would love to hear from you!  Please check back soon for my review of the book, plus more Christmas-inspired reviews and recommendations.

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