The Long-Awaited Conclusion to an Unforgettable Series

For me, and I’m sure for many readers, it is always a bittersweet moment when you reach the final pages of a series that has worked its way deep into your heart and imagination. As one of my favorite authors, many of Michael Phillips’ series are very dear to me; but perhaps none quite so much as his latest work entitled “Secrets of the Shetlands”. Published by Bethany House in the summer of 2017, “The Legacy” is the final installment of the Shetland saga, and masterfully closes a narrative that weaves the past and present into a beautiful and unforgettable tale. Continue reading

Book #2 of an Unforgettable Series

the-cottage-imageI just finished one of the best books I’ve read in 2016, written by my all-time favorite author Michael Phillips. This story will hold a treasured place on my bookshelf, as well as in my heart, always. What book am I referring to? Well, it is the second in a Bethany House series called the “Secrets of the Shetlands”, which began in May 2016 with “The Inheritance”. The newest installment, which I just finished reading, is called “The Cottage”. Finally, the series will be wrapped up next summer with “The Legacy”. (And I can’t wait!) Each of these books is very closely interwoven, and picks up almost immediately after the previous book comes to a close. Continue reading

Michael Phillips NEVER Disappoints!

14354-INHERITANCE_sliderThe Inheritance image“Past and present collide in master storyteller Michael Phillips’ dramatic new saga of loss and discovery, of grasping and grace.” Undoubtedly, this beloved author truly is a master storyteller. With decades of experience and dozens of unforgettable novels to his name, it is always a pleasure to read a new book with “Michael Phillips” written on the cover. Classic, timeless tales that slowly and meaningfully unfold into incredibly detailed, interwoven, faith-filled stories are his specialty, and his newest book from Bethany House entitled “The Inheritance” is perhaps one of his finest accomplishments yet. Continue reading

Angel Dreams review

Angel Dreams imageAre you searching for a new story to immerse yourself in this Christmas season – a story that inspires your faith, beckons to your imagination, and tugs on your heartstrings? Perhaps your ideal holiday tale is not complete without children and snow, miracles and love, or mysteries and revelations.   Well, I am delighted to say that a story containing all these elements – and so many more – has been published just in time for the 2014 Christmas season. Angel Dreams, by Michael Phillips and Chris Schneider, is sure to become a new Christmas tradition held dear in the hearts of all who read it, and who are open to its messages of hope, love, faith, and imagining in the name of Jesus Christ.

Angel Dreams is a unique story in numerous aspects, beginning with the fact that Continue reading

A Brand-New Christmas Story!

Angel Dreams imageAlthough beautiful autumn weather often makes it feel more like summer than fast-approaching winter, now is the perfect time to start selecting some new Christmas-themed stories to read before and during the holiday season…  And I just might have a suggestion you will enjoy!

One of my favorite authors (and certainly the most influential writer in my life) is Michael Phillips.  Recently he announced that he has co-authored a special Christmas ‘fantasy’ entitled Angel Dreams.  According to Mr. Phillips’ facebook page,  this story takes place mostly during the fall months and Christmas season – making this the perfect time of year to enjoy it!  Officially released just last week, Angel Dreams is available from Amazon, CreateSpace, or directly from Mr. Phillips’ website.  According to Continue reading