Angel Dreams review

Angel Dreams imageAre you searching for a new story to immerse yourself in this Christmas season – a story that inspires your faith, beckons to your imagination, and tugs on your heartstrings? Perhaps your ideal holiday tale is not complete without children and snow, miracles and love, or mysteries and revelations.   Well, I am delighted to say that a story containing all these elements – and so many more – has been published just in time for the 2014 Christmas season. Angel Dreams, by Michael Phillips and Chris Schneider, is sure to become a new Christmas tradition held dear in the hearts of all who read it, and who are open to its messages of hope, love, faith, and imagining in the name of Jesus Christ.

Angel Dreams is a unique story in numerous aspects, beginning with the fact that although it is a literal narrative it is also, in a special way, a fantasy. Being filled with occurrences that could only come from Above, as well as Heavenly dreams and mysterious angel encounters, this story will continue to surprise readers until the very end. The setting of a small, post-WWII town, various secondary characters who add color and depth, and the back-and-forth timeline of events increases the one-of-a-kind feeling of the book, but in a special way makes it more endearing, as well.

After a terrible tragedy turns Janet Holiday’s world upside down, she must decide which path she wants to follow – one of despair and self-pity, or one filled with the hope and adventure of resolving a decades-old heartache.   Meanwhile, a second story is revealed between the chapters of Janet’s tale. Intriguing, meaningful Christmas Eve dreams are revealed to a young boy who is paralyzed and mute, but who possesses a sharp mind and a heart overflowing with love. As each of these two people follows the path placed before them by a loving Heavenly Father, a beautiful progression of Christmas surprises – and miracles – awaits them, just as it awaits the readers who join in this very special journey.

The authors of Angel Dreams, Mr. Phillips and Mr. Schneider, deserve high praise for their beautiful unfolding of a very special Christmas story. Only a couple aspects detract from the story – largely some editing imperfections, and occasional areas where the sentence flows could have been better. In addition, the book and its characters are introduced a little slowly, and take time to warm up to. However once they hook your interest, it is difficult to step away from the story, and almost tragic to say good-bye!

If you are looking for a new holiday tradition, I highly recommend reading this book. Angel Dreams is a Christmas story that, if given the chance, will warm the hearts of all who read it… So long as they are open to its messages of loving and giving, believing and imagining, and a multitude of other ideals that Christmas itself represents.

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