If Laughter is the Best Medicine… “Diary of a Jackwagon” by Tim Hawkins

Diary of a Jackwagon imageSpecial announcement: Tim Hawkins has written his first, book entitled “Diary of a Jackwagon”!

Okay… First things first! Have you ever heard of, watched, or listened to a well-known comedian by the name of Tim Hawkins? If not, please continue reading. If you have, go ahead and skip the next paragraph because you have already laughed until you cried while watching his YouTube videos – in other words, you already know all about this guy and precisely how funny he is!

Tim Hawkins is a stand-up comedian who is not only downright hilarious, but his humor is generally appropriate for the whole family, and is aimed towards Christians in particular. This is rare in the comedy industry. As you can imagine, church groups and homeschool families often comprise the majority of Tim’s audience. Self-described as one part gifted and two parts twisted, Tim Hawkins “highlights the brokenness of human nature while marveling in its absurdity.” If you have never before watched a YouTube video of this man, I will only say one thing… What are you waiting for?

Now, for the fans of Tim Hawkins who have watched and re-watched favorite video clips, sung along to his unforgettable parodies, and shared his jokes with friends and family and anyone else that would listen… This book is for you! Yes, you may have heard many of the jokes contained in the pages already, and no, it isn’t QUITE as funny reading them as actually watching and listening to Tim. But this book still has the power to give a belly laugh to anyone who picks it up and reads so much as a single page. The chapters are fairly short, and the “Tweet Thoughts” at the end of each one are perfect for a quick perusal of the book and for reading aloud. Basically, if you find Tim Hawkins humorous, and you enjoy laughing, this book will be a welcome addition to your library.

Unfortunately the one downfall to this book is practically inevitable in the genre of comedy. Many readers will likely find one portion or another offensive, depending on his or her personal discernment and judgment. I found a handful of chapters to be funny for the most part, but with occasional comments included in what I felt to be bad taste. Naturally, this book is not perfect – but does this mean that we can’t still enjoy the vast majority of the humor Tim Hawkins shares in the pages of “Diary of a Jackwagon”? I don’t believe so.

In any case, give this book a try. I dare you to read it for five minutes without breaking into laughter… And if laughter is the best medicine, then this book is undoubtedly worth a whole medicine cabinet of vitamins and pills!

I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

Here are a couple of videos from Tim Hawkins that are sure to make you laugh!

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