As Lovable as the Waters are Deep! (Guest review by Hayley)

ThroughWatersDeepThrough-Waters-Deep imageOf all the book character companions I’ve had over the years, Miss Mary Stirling and Ensign Jim Avery are two of the best. Bringing them to vivid life through the pages of her newest release, Through Waters Deep, author Sarah Sundin gives us a gift through her writing as beautiful as Mary’s sweet soprano voice. With a mystery to keep you guessing, characters that will become friends, and a love story that will melt even the hardest of hearts, Through Waters Deep is a story that should not be missed by any Christian fiction reader, or any reader at all!

Everything about this novel simply breathes life. One of my favourite aspects were moments of completely unexpected humor that caught me off guard in a most delightful way. Situations, characters, and the depth of emotions portrayed throughout the story are so very real, that coming to the end of the book is simply devastating, and is only made bearable by the fact that the ending is absolutely perfect!

Through Waters Deep is a work of art, with little to mar its beauty. Some details between couples, or a questionable choice of words from officers or shipyard crewmen perhaps could have been omitted, but even the pickiest of readers won’t find more than a handful of instances to complain about.

Thus, you simply cannot miss Through Waters Deep. It is as delightful as sailing on a calm day, as sparkling as sunbeams on the ocean, and as refreshing as a salty sea spray, with characters as memorable, relatable, and purely lovable as the waters are deep.

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

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