A Beautiful Message

Worship Changes Everything imageBeloved singer/songwriter, worship leader, author, and speaker Darlene Zschech has written her fourth book about a topic certain to be fascinating to many readers… Worship Changes Everything: Experiencing God’s Presence in Every Moment of Life was published by Bethany House in the fall of 2015, and is also accompanied by a beautiful song album entitled “In Jesus’ Name”. Without question, the words contained within the book are an insightful portrayal of the true power and blessing of living a worship-filled life, though naturally it is not without a few negative points as well.

Three of the best facets of this book include:

– The content, which includes messages, insights, and ideas about worshiping our Lord, contained within this book are treasures of great worth. They will undoubtedly inspire your faith, while helping you grow closer to God in the process!

– Conveniently, the book is divided into two main sections entitled “The Heart of Worship” and “The Hands of Worship”, which are then each divided into multiple chapters. This makes looking up and re-reading specific portions easy and enjoyable.

– The writing style and tone of the book are clearly straight from the heart of the author. This is easily apparent on each and every page, and proves that she truly believes and strives to live out the message she is sharing.Worship Changes Everything pin

I hope you can see that reading Worship Changes Everything is definitely a beneficial step to learning more about the activity of worshiping God. However, I must also state that it is not the easiest of books to read. Three of the downfalls to this book include:

– At times, the words seem to go on and on, overlapping, circling around, and sometimes repeating portions multiple times.

– While quoting another author or verses of Scripture often adds depth, perspective, and repute, this book bordered on over-using the technique. Also, The Message Bible translation was most often used, which may either be a positive or negative aspect, depending on reader preference.

– I felt that occasionally Darlene’s statements were a little self-righteous, which caused me to feel slightly alienated from her messages at times. Additionally, one chapter in specific was for married couples only, and is not likely to beneficial (or wise) for single or younger readers to peruse.

So, you are probably wondering, do the positive aspects outweigh the negative ones in Darlene Zschech’s newest release? I believe the answer is yes, it is a book worth reading. Perhaps the best case scenario would be to travel through the pages slowly, a few pages at a time, rather than trying to read it quickly and getting bogged down in a weaving, winding writing style. If this method of reading is used, much of the content will undoubtedly prove extremely valuable, and is a beautiful reminder that we truly can worship God in every circumstance of life.

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.


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