Just Not as Amazing as Book #1…

Every Girl Gets Confused imageThe moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived! Er, well, at least all the readers and subsequent fans of Katie Fisher, heroine in the first book in the Brides with Style series (Every Bride Needs a Groom) will be pleased to discover that the sequel has been released! Written by Janice Thompson and published by Revell in the autumn of 2015, Every Girl Gets Confused is a treat because it takes us back to visit people who feel like old friends, in a community that feels like home. But is the silliness still as charming as the first book, and do the annoying innuendos remain few and far between, as they most certainly should? In essence, does the sequel live up to its predecessor?

I truly wanted to adore this book. The first book was so unexpectedly humorous, realistic and compelling that you couldn’t help but be drawn in, and to naturally anticipate a sequel. With Every Girl Gets Confused, however, I just wound up feeling slightly, well, confused. The unique quirkiness of the characters remained, and it was very nice to become reacquainted with everyone again. But, their remarks were not quite as funny or realistic, and more often felt over the top. New characters also joined the group – some were welcome and realistic additions, but others felt contrived for specific situations. On a different note, the overall innocence of the first book seemed to be missing, and annoying, inappropriate insinuations were peppered generously throughout the pages. However, the faith-based and spiritual components of the story felt genuine and from the heart, and definitely added a touch of depth to an otherwise lighthearted and carefree story. As you can see, the back and forth teeter-totter of varying components and perspectives, positive and negative, was at times dizzying!

Overall, this was a book of contradictions for me. On one hand it was a treat to revisit characters I grew to love in the previous book, but on the other hand their silliness felt more pronounced and less funny. The spiritual thoughts were a nice touch, but were quickly counterbalanced with annoying, inappropriate remarks that occurred much too often. Am I glad I read the continuing story of Katie Fisher and her friends and family? Yes, I am. While I am still disappointed with some of the content, and missed the fresh, unique, innocent voice of the first book, it was still a fun and funny continuation. As you may have guessed, another book in the Brides with Style series is planned for release next year. Will I read it, and do I recommend this series to fans of romantic comedy? My answer is yes, but not with as enthusiastic of expectations as before.

I am grateful to have received a copy of this book, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

   Every Bride Needs a Groom      Every Girl Gets Confused      Every Girl Has Her Day image

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