What Is It About Prince Edward Island?

red-door-inn-cover1As a child, did you read a timeless story about a little red-haired orphan girl named Anne Shirley who opened the doors of your mind to imagination, adventure, and dreaming? Well, if you can remember making the acquaintance of this girl, then you will undoubtedly also remember the location of her stories… Each one occurs in a beautiful, even magical place in Canada known as Prince Edward Island, made famous by Anne’s creator L.M. Montgomery. As an adult, if you ever hoped to make a return visit (in your imagination) to the “Island of Dreams” as PEI is called, a new Christian Romance series will allow you to do just that. Liz Johnson is the author, and the first book in her “Prince Edward Island Dreams” series published by Revell is entitled “The Red Door Inn”.

Although the storyline of “The Red Door Inn” is completely different from anything L.M. Montgomery penned, the beloved setting of PEI is the same. It almost seems to be a character in the story. In fact, it is a character filled with allegory and symbolism for healing and hope and trust and faith – exactly what the people-characters of the book need most.

Unquestionably, this story is masterfully written with richly developed characters and a captivating setting. The storyline, however, is not all about beauty and happiness. A dark, dreadful secret haunts Marie Carrington’s existence, and threatens to consume her. At times it almost succeeds. Of course the nature of the secret is eventually revealed, and is upsetting and disturbing to say the the-red-door-inn-liz-johnson-e1455294969519least. While this facet is definitely a drawback for younger, less mature readers, the way the entire situation is handled is admirable and wise. In addition, a few scenes between the main couple become a little inappropriate and descriptive, but not very often or excessively.

Overall, if you have ever felt the allure of Prince Edward Island, or if you simply enjoy Christian novels of redemption, healing, and new beginnings, this book will touch your heart and speak to your soul. Although the content is sometimes difficult to read, and it is definitely not for a very young audience, this book has much to offer in wisdom, hope, and even a little PEI magic. By the time you reach the end, you will be asking the same question about the island as Seth Sloane… “What is it about this place?”

I am grateful to have received a copy of this book, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. I do, however, hold the author responsible for giving me an unyielding desire to visit PEI one day!

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