A Sparkling, Comedic, Winsome Story

Flirtation Walk imageDo you like surprises? I know I do, if they are pleasant ones! When I first discovered Siri Mitchell’s new Historical Romance novel from Bethany House entitled “Flirtation Walk”, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Delightfully, it turned out I was in for a sweet surprise. Within the first few pages it captured my imagination, and by the end of the book it had become one of my favorite historical novels so far this year. Just what was so special about the story? Well, let me share 3 of my favorite aspects with you…

1. The dialogue sparkles with witty, colorful, comical conversations and banter. Interestingly, the repartee actually lends a lighthearted and humorous flavor to a story with a rather serious, character-driven plot.

2. Speaking of the character-driven plot, well, it was quite unique! First we have a young woman struggling to “be good” after being raised by a con-man as a father. Interesting enough, right? Second, we have a top-of-his-class military cadet who finds it necessary to lower his grades enough to reach the bottom of the class and consequently be sent west to help his sister, who was tricked out of the family’s land by a con-man – you guessed it, the young woman’s father! Add both characters together and you have the sum total of a very engrossing story.

3. Yet another delightful element of the story was the intricate and clearly well-researched historical details, in specific those relating to the West Point Military Academy. Siri Mitchell clearly has a vivid imagination and a masterful writing talent to bring these details to light through engrossing, realistic fiction.

Overall, “Flirtation Walk” is a compelling read filled with witty and winsome characters. In addition to the elements mentioned above, the theme of the story is thought-provoking, and holds a perfectly balanced portion of God-centered wisdom. If you enjoy well-researched and historically accurate Historical Romance stories seasoned with comedy, this will definitely be a book that will earn a prized place on your “favorites” shelf, just as it did for me.

Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

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