A Pleasant, Enjoyable Surprise!

Like Never Before imageAlthough Contemporary Romance isn’t a genre I read all the time, one new title caught my eye, and I am so glad it did! It was sweet! It was witty! It was compelling! “Like Never Before” by Melissa Tagg is actually a book from the middle of “The Walker Family” series, but I didn’t realize this when I selected it. Thankfully though, I had no trouble reading it as a standalone novel. Published by Bethany House in the spring of 2016, this enjoyable story will hold your interest throughout a uniquely woven storyline before ultimately causing you to sigh at the happily-ever-after ending.

If you prefer fast-paced suspense novels, this book may not suit your preferences. It unfolds carefully, gently, and in it’s own time. Of course this is not to say that “Like Never Before” is not interesting or compelling in between major plot points – quite the contrary, in fact. The characters are given time to become vividly realistic, and their backstories are brought to life in order to reveal what “makes them tick”. On the downside of the novel, occasional scenes contain romance between the two protagonists which becomes a little too detailed, but it does not overstep the boundaries that I believe should be kept in Christian Fiction of all genres. Overall, as the first (but not the last) book I read by Melissa Tagg, I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it immensely. If you enjoy Christian Contemporary novels with lovable characters, a hint of mystery, a dash of drama, and plenty of overall sweetness, you will undoubtedly enjoy “Like Never Before”.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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