Exponentially Beneficial!

Make-Room-for-What-You-Love-New-Book-by-NYT-Best-Selling-Author-of-Love-the-Home-You-Have-and-The-Inspired-Room-Melissa-Michaels--600x910When a non-fiction book has the words “Essential Guide” in the sub-title, and when the same book is about a topic that relates to you as a reader, it is generally a good idea to at least give it a brief perusal… If the book also happens to be written by an acclaimed author whose work you’ve enjoyed before, well, then it becomes a must-read! This was the case for me with bestselling author Melissa Michaels’ newest release from Harvest House, entitled “Make Room for What You Love: Your Essential Guide to Organizing & Simplifying”. Does this book relate to you, too? Let’s take a deeper look to find out…

3 Reasons Why You Should Read Melissa Michaels’ “Make Room for What You Love”:

1. Have you enjoyed either of Ms. Michaels’ two previously published books about homemaking? If so, this book is a perfect addition and Decluttering-and-Style-Make-Room-For-What-You-Love-by-Melissa-Michaelsbuilds on the concepts of organizing, de-cluttering, and simplifying our homes and our lives.

2. Regardless of your age or season in life, if you have ever struggled with the overwhelming chaos of a home that has just gotten ahead of you, Melissa’s book can help! She teaches readers how to incorporate numerous techniques into daily life to make the huge task of homemaking more manageable. New habits, routines, and “domino” steps will help you achieve noticeable results almost instantly.

bbe4e7eb97ca4731ad3cca8d97cad2a43. Finally, if the following quote resonates with you, read the book! “Creating a home is a journey, and de-cluttering what you no longer need is only part of the story. I want you to transform the way it feels to be there. I want you to be inspired by what you see around you so you can spend more time being who you are and with the people you love, and less time being enslaved to stuff you don’t need in your life. I believe how you care for your home can and will inspire your life and impact how you live.”

As I’m sure you can tell by now, this book will most likely be a very helpful and inspiring one for women of all ages who have one thing in common – they care about making the home they live in the best it can be. Of course it is not perfect… Occasionally Ms. Michaels can get a little long-winded about her topic, and it may not be the most exciting book you will read this year, but overall it will benefit your home and life exponentially.

This book was provided courtesy of Harvest House Publishers, in exchange for my honest review.


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