Don’t Miss the Journey of Becoming “Made Well” – Guest Review by Hayley

made-well-image“In the beginning, you were made well. Designed with divine imagination, shaped by sacred hands, and crafted by the Curator of creation. You and I were called good. We were already enough.” Such is the opening line of Jenny Simmons’ new release from Baker Books, “Made Well”. The subtitle describes it best: “Finding Wholeness in the Everyday Sacred Moments”.

What if we really could find wholeness, and truly be “enough”… right here and now? Is it even possible? Jenny Simmons is here to say – yes, it is possible, and she will be with you, holding your hand like a trusted friend, every step of the way.

“Made Well” is difficult to describe. It is sweet and gentle, while still being strong and very honest. It is humorous to the point of laughing out loud, and heartbreaking to the point of wiping tears away. Yet, by being the emotional roller-coaster that it is, it clearly demonstrates that Jesus is willing to heal us, to img_7312truly make us well, at any time of our lives. Being made well is an open invitation, one that we must consciously accept if we are to truly be healed.

I really cannot urge you enough to read a copy of “Made Well”. No matter what your journey has been or will be, Jenny will have a story to share, and a word of encouragement to lift you up along the way. She is a gifted writer with a remarkable ability to touch people’s hearts in a deep way, and love them in a way that truly makes them feel a little bit closer to wellness and wholeness than they were before.

I am grateful to have received a copy of this book from Baker Books Bloggers, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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