A Mild, Pleasant Amish Story

Every once in a while I enjoy giving a new Amish novel a try, and usually it is the Beverly Lewis titles that catch my eye. “The Proving” is Ms. Lewis’ newest release from Bethany House, and tells the story of Mandy, a young woman who thought she had left her Amish life behind forever. . . Until she receives a letter from her brother, informing her of their mother’s death and the news that the family’s thriving Bed and Breakfast has been left to none other than Mandy herself.

“The Proving” is told through the eyes of two very different women, one Amish and one very much, well, NOT Amish. Naturally this gives a unique spin to the story, which is otherwise rather unremarkable. Why is it unremarkable? Well, for example, while many of the characters are moderately interesting they do not always feel realistic, and it takes quite a while to warm up to them. Similarly, while the plot is a sweet one of redeemed relationships, it is also very slow-moving and unsurprising.

Although “The Proving” was not my favorite Amish novel by Beverly Lewis, it was a pleasant story with an endearing setting nonetheless. If you enjoy all things Amish, or if you are looking for a gentle story to help pass a quiet afternoon, this might be the book for you. However if you are looking for captivating writing, compelling characters, and a story that sweeps you away with the first page, I suggest you choose a different title.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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