A Heart-Stirring and Thought-Provoking Biblical Novel

Each time I finish a new Biblical Fiction novel written by Jill Eileen Smith and published by Revell, I’m certain it is the best I’ve read in the genre… at least until her next title is released! As per this tradition, “A Passionate Hope: Hannah’s Story”, the fourth title in the “Daughters of the Promised Land” series, is my new favorite Biblical Fiction novel to date.

From the beginning I knew that a story about Hannah, whose many years of barrenness did not dispel her passionate faith that God would bless her with a child, and Elkanah’s choice to take two wives, held the potential for some inappropriate content. But I trusted Jill Eileen Smith as an author and admired the story of Hannah’s faith so much that I decided to give it a try anyway. I was not disappointed. Yes, there is some content that is not suitable for very young audiences, yet overall the story of Hannah’s hope, pain, trust, and obedience in the face of mighty heartbreak and disappointment was not only extremely inspiring, but also handled with beautiful grace and discretion. While of course creative license was taken to bring Hannah’s story to life, I loved reading the very words she spoke in Scripture’s 1 Samuel on the pages of this book, as she prayed to and praised Adonai.

The characters in this story seem to live and breathe and walk, and Hannah instantly became a favorite book-friend of my heart. The setting of a very troubled time in Israel’s history also came to life and brought new insight as I really stopped to ponder what it must have been like to live during a time when the priests, who were supposed to be God’s servants, behaved in such wicked and corrupt ways.

If you enjoy Biblical Fiction, or any type of Christian Historical Fiction that is infused with messages of trusting and having faith in God no matter what the circumstances, I cannot recommend highly enough the beautiful novel entitled “A Passionate Hope: Hannah’s Story” by the amazing Jill Eileen Smith.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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