The Concluding Story in a Memorable Series

With the first two books in the “Teaville Moral Society” by Melissa Jagears, I came to expect well-written Christian Historical novels that weren’t afraid to tackle tough themes with grace and truth. The third and final novel in the series, “A Chance at Forever”, was released in the spring of 2018 and follows perfectly in step with these expectations.

While “A Chance at Forever” could certainly be a standalone story, it will make the most sense and bring the most enjoyment when read in sequence… After all, revisiting old “friends” from previous stories is always a delight! One of the most unique aspects of this story is the unlikeliness of a relationship between hero and heroine – she has a handicap that defines much of her life, and he was the worst of her childhood bullies (but has a painful secret of his own). Only strength and grace from God could bring about the forgiveness and healing needed in each of their lives.

As with the previous stories in the “Teaville Moral Society” series, “A Chance at Forever” weaves in numerous thought-provoking themes including: the choices forced upon women who worked in the red-light district of the city, the question of whether a person can truly change or will always be defined by their past, and the strength of forgiveness that can only come from God. Clearly some of the subjects discussed in this novel are quite heavy and not suitable for everyone, but for mature readers it provides challenging ideas that, if allowed to seep into our hearts, can be inspiring and growth-inducing.

Without question, I have greatly enjoyed each of the Teaville novels and am sorry to see this excellent series come to a close. If you are looking for a new novel that doesn’t hesitate to dive deep into real issues of 1909 (yet are still relevant to us today), don’t miss “A Chance at Forever”.

I received this book free of charge for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.

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