A Charming Historical Series Continues

The “London Beginnings” historical series, written by Jennifer Delamere and published by Bethany House, began with the charming story of “The Captain’s Daughter” and now continues with “The Heart’s Appeal”. Set in 1881 England, this novel is quick to draw readers in and sweep them away into a captivating tale of courage and determination to follow God’s will – no matter what the cost.

If you enjoy Christian Historical Fiction as much as I do, “The Heart’s Appeal” is a definite must-read! It is sweet and exciting, dramatic and faith-filled. Julia Bernay (sister to the heroine of “The Captain’s Daughter”) is a strong and determined young woman who plans to study medicine and become a doctor, which is a profession that only recently opened up to women. I was a little worried that this goal would make her into a stereotypical, willful, feministic, self-empowered woman who would stop at nothing to achieve her goals, (those are NOT my favorite heroine types) but this wasn’t the case at all. Julia has dreams, yes, but they were clearly placed in her heart by God, and she strives to entrust him completely with when and how, and even IF, they are brought to fruition.

Aside from a few themes that tackle heavier topics and may not be suitable for younger readers, and a few slightly inappropriate conversations between characters, I would recommend “The Heart’s Appeal” to just about anyone. In addition, I can hardly wait for the third story in the series to be released, and complete the three-part tale of the unforgettable Bernay sisters!

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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