A Unique Amish Civil War Story

The American Civil War is the setting of many novels, but have you ever read a story from the Amish perspective of the War Between the States? Jan Drexler’s new release from Revell Publishing, entitled “The Sound of Distant Thunder”, combines historical research with a compelling personal saga as it explores this very question: how can a group of people, who are nonresistance-based due to religion, live conscientiously in times of war and especially when the draft (compulsory recruitment) is brought into play?

Although Amish fiction is not my main diet of reading material, I do enjoy occasional stories in this genre, especially when there is something unique about the setting. The Civil War backdrop in “The Sound of Distant Thunder”, and the Amish participation in it, was definitely unique. . . It also included some very thought-provoking and unique insights into the stark reality of the battles of war, and the feelings of the loved ones left at home and constantly wondering if their son, husband, brother, or fiance was safe, wounded, or worse.

I enjoyed “The Sound of Distant Thunder” for the interesting perspective it gave on a familiar setting. I did find the heroine of the story to be a bit annoying and selfish at times, and I had to wonder if she truly learned the lessons that were placed before her (such as that a husband isn’t going to complete her life and make it meaningful), but overall the story was well-done and compelling. If you enjoy Amish fiction, especially the more unique stories with unusual settings for the genre, you will certainly want to check out “The Sound of Distant Thunder”.

I received this book courtesy of Revell Publishing, in participation with a Revell Reads Blog Tour.  All opinions expressed in this review are my own.

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