Looking for an Achievable New Year’s Resolution? Start by Switching On Your Brain Every Day!!

Dr. Caroline Leaf’s newest book makes the ideal New Year’s gift, both for yourself and for your loved ones. “Switch On Your Brain Every Day: 365 Readings for Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health” is a new release from BakerBooks, and makes fantastic daily reading material for anyone who has enjoyed Dr. Leaf’s previous works, such as “Switch On Your Brain” and “The Perfect You”. It could also certainly be enjoyed and learned from even if you haven’t read these titles, but the greatest benefit will be gained if you are familiar with the concepts of Dr. Leaf’s Switch On Your Brain 5-Step Learning Process.

Before getting into the daily reading material, I found the introduction, entitled How to Get the Most out of These Readings, to be most helpful. It served as a quick reminder of the foundational study concepts of “Switch On Your Brain”, and gave great insights to help each reading come to life in a dynamic and memorable way for you.

Each daily reading opens with a Scripture verse followed by a Brainy Tip. Then comes a thought-provoking passage discussing the correlation between the two, and how you can interpose the subject into your daily life. This section also asks questions, provides scientific facts, and gives thoughtful insight into both familiar and obscure portions of the Bible.

Without hesitation, I highly recommend that this book be on your reading list for the upcoming new year (of course, it can be started at any time of the year, but January 1st is always a great day to start a new, year-long devotional, don’t you think?). It only takes a couple minutes of daily reading, but the benefits of learning how to “Switch On Your Brain Every Day” are exponential. Whether this is your first or fifth book by Dr. Leaf, don’t miss the daily benefits contained within this powerful little devotional.

I am grateful to have received a copy of this book from Baker Books Bloggers, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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