Every Page Is A Treasure – Don’t Miss This Exquisite New Release!

Sometimes a book just takes your breath away with its beauty. “Beholding and Becoming: The Art of Everyday Worship” by Ruth Chou Simons is just such a book, as each page is overflowing with inspiration in both words and images. Published by Harvest House in the autumn of 2019, this book will make a precious gift for the upcoming holiday season, but you will definitely need to keep one for yourself… After picking it up and flipping through the pages even for a moment, you won’t be able to resist sitting down with a cup of tea in hand and delving into the treasures found on each page.

Just from looking at the exquisitely painted cover of “Beholding and Becoming”, you can gain a sense of what a treat you are in for when you open it up. Colorful watercolor artwork of birds and flowers and insects and plants, hand-painted calligraphy, and full-page quote designs adorn the pages and make the book simply vibrate with life and loveliness. More than 850 intricate pieces of artwork are held within these pages! Interestingly, the artwork isn’t merely pretty and random but rather each picture carries a special correlation and significance, as explained in the glossary… For example, butterflies represent transformation, and so when this topic is discussed in the devotional you can expect plenty of butterfly-beauty.

Speaking of the devotional, we should discuss the foundation for the entire book – the devotional thoughts from Ms. Simons. Using her artwork to help bring her words to life, this talented author and artist helps us to remember that where we direct our eyes and heart matters so much – even in the seemingly mundane and ordinary aspects of everyday life. “Beholding and Becoming” is a reminder and inspiration to lift our gazes to our Creator, for as we behold the beauty of His creation we become more able to fulfill our roles as His sons and daughters.

If you appreciate exquisite watercolor artwork and inspiring devotionals that point us towards worship of our Creator, I HIGHLY recommend this delightful book. You will be amazed at how beautiful in appearance it is, and be challenged and uplifted as it helps us shift our thinking to the power and beauty of becoming what we behold.

Book has been provided courtesy of Harvest House and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.

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