A Rollicking Conclusion to the Fort Reno Series

I have long been anticipating the last story in “The Fort Reno” series by Regina Jennings, and “The Major’s Daughter” finally released in December 2019! As the unlikely tale between Caroline Adams and Frisco Smith unfolds, I found myself laughing, cheering, and learning some fascinating history about the 1889 Land Run of of Oklahoma (there was some serious sneakiness that occurred, that’s for sure!).

Before going any further, I must admit that the female protagonist of this story sometimes (maybe a lot of times) got on my nerves. Caroline’s pigheaded and seemingly selfish choices (combined with a huge chip on her shoulder that I thought was unfounded) aggravated me and really made me dislike her a lot of the time, while simultaneously making me feel sorry for Frisco. Eventually Caroline did grow on me, but you will never find her on my top ten list of favorite heroines…

Aside from an annoying protagonist, however, I enjoyed “The Major’s Daughter” as a rollicking Western novel with plenty of adventure, romance, and unique historical tidbits. If you love Historical Fiction with a Western flair (think Karen Witemeyer), I definitely recommend Fort Reno conclusion. You don’t have to read the previous stories in the series first, but it will definitely give you some extra insight into the supporting cast members if you do.

So, if you are ready to experience the 1889 Land Run, (and don’t mind a slightly overbearing heroine) find a copy of “The Major’s Daughter” and step back in time through a well-written story you won’t soon forget.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”


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