Miss Politano Reaches New Heights With This Novel!

This has been a year filled with truly amazing new novels. Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly discover one more favorite book this late in the year… I did! But I should have known this would happen, when Joanna Davidson Politano released a new historical novel from Revell Publishers entitled “The Love Note”. Perhaps this talented author’s best work yet, this story did something to me that novels rarely do: it made me not only cry, but sob as tears streamed from my eyes! It was just that powerful, and touched my emotions profoundly.

I will briefly say that the characters in this story are beyond real, the plot is unique and compelling, and the setting holds your imagination captive from the first page. But now, I want to do something a little different for the remainder of my review: share a few of the beautiful words from the author herself! So here they are, just a couple of my bookmarked quotes from this delightful and enchanting story:

“Make your heart a deep well of the Almighty by saturating yourself in his presence, and your words will come out drenched in him no matter what you say. I can promise, no matter how many brilliant things you have to say, he has better ones.”  ~ a quote of great wisdom from Aunt Maisie, one of my favorite characters.

“Don’t stop searching for love until you’ve tasted it, yes? The Almighty won’t create a hole he doesn’t intend to fill.”  ~ a quote from none other than Golda Gresham (read the story to find out why this is so unexpected!).

“My deepest wish is simply to openhandedly offer up to you these words of affection, that you might walk through your day knowing someone loves you and finds you remarkable. Dearest, if only you could see yourself from where I stand – how brave and unstoppable you would become…”  ~ a snippet of ‘The Note’ that started it all

Well, I could go on quoting entire pages from this remarkable story, but I hope I have inspired you to pick up “The Love Note” for yourself and become immersed in the pages of a poignant and thought-provoking story that is also humorous, colorful, mysterious, and whimsical. Plus, it reaches to depths of Truth that are rarely touched upon in romantic novels, and which I found truly inspiring. I know I’ve said it before, but THIS is my new favorite story of the year!

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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