Jaime Jo Wright’s Most Spellbinding Story Yet

“The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus” by Jaime Jo Wright was a book that I had to finish within a couple days! It is the kind of absorbing and evocative novel that works its way into your mind and will prevent you from thinking of much else until the mystery is solved and the characters receive closure (whatever that may look like… I will warn you, there are murders involved).

All of Jaime Jo Wright’s books have been stunning in their juxtapositions of the darkness and the light of this world; mistakes and mysteries of the past colliding with their results and consequences in the present. “The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus”, however, is my favorite because I could relate to these characters more than most of her other ones… I’m not entirely sure why, but part of the reason had to do with the beautiful portion of the story that showcased the hope and healing of a precious baby elephant named Lily. I am a huge animal lover, and this little saga really touched my heart.

Of course there is MUCH more to the story than just the drama of a little baby elephant… Decades of deceit is hiding among the tents of the circus, both in 1928 and the present day, with murder, desperation, and a tangled web of lies connecting them. There is no question about it, Jaime Jo Wright is a talented author who uses her words to masterfully bring her story to vivid reality – and for sensitive readers like me this is both exhilarating and terrifying!

If you are ready for a suspense story that will keep you up long into the night, frightened to turn out the lights and desperate to discover how everything unfolds, then don’t miss “The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus” – what I consider to be Jaime Jo Wright’s most spellbinding story yet.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”


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