Connecting Old Testament Traditions to New Testament Truths

At first glance, the topic of Leviticus 23 may seem like an unlikely choice for the newest addition to the Moody Bible Studies for Women series… but Erin Davis brings this often-overlooked chapter to vibrant life by teaching us to dive in and uncover rich truths that reveal the beauty of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in Old Testament writings. “7 Feasts: Finding Christ in the Sacred Celebrations of the Old Testament – An 8-Week Bible Study” is one of the most interesting and eye-opening studies I have had the pleasure of completing, for so many reasons.

I highly recommend “7 Feasts” to anyone who desires to make new discoveries and connect the traditions of the Old Testament to the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament. Each of the daily lessons in this book are written in a warm, friendly, often humorous tone that I adored. In addition to cross-reference questions and answers, a generous number of diagrams, charts, and writing assignments make this study very interactive and fun. I really looked forward to my time of study each day – I learned so much, and had a great time doing it.

Although I’m sad that I’m finished “7 Feasts” now, I am looking forward to using my newfound study skills to unravel the truths of other chapters and books in the Old Testament. And it’s all thanks to an amazing author who allowed God to use her, and teach through her! I wish I knew Erin personally, as this special lady would be a wonderful friend and mentor. . . but then, I suppose by reading her words in this book she has become just that, for me and all who read her work.

I received this book courtesy of Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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