A Beloved Fiction Author’s First Bible Study!

Authors of Biblical Fiction have a beautiful ability to bring well-known stories and characters to life in ways that expand our imaginations, and perhaps cause us to look at a portion of the Bible (that we may have read a hundred times before) in a new and exciting way. Tessa Afshar is a beloved author of many Biblical Fiction novels, and has now directed her knowledge and talents down a new path – as a writer for Moody Bible Studies for Women! “The Way Home: God’s Invitation to New Beginnings – A 6-Week Bible Study of Ruth” is an invitation to step into the courageous story of Ruth and Naomi as it comes to life like never before – from the pen of a fiction author. . .

“The Way Home” is divided into weekly topics and daily lessons, with lots of interactive study, cross-referencing, and reflective prayer included each day. But in addition to these regular Bible-study features, there is a flavor of storytelling that only a novelist can bring to the table, and I adore this element. It speaks to the part of my heart that craves story, that longs for narratives to unlock and truths to decipher. And this beautiful study does all that, while helping me “discover how the grace of God can turn pain and loss into hope and redemption.”

If this sounds like your type of Bible study, if the book of Ruth has always resonated with you, or if you are desiring a fresh new perspective as you begin a new year of your journey with God, I highly recommend you find a copy of “The Way Home”. Tessa Afshar is a writer with astounding ability and wisdom, and I am so excited that she has branched into the writing of non-fiction in addition to her novels.

I received this book courtesy of Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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