The “Hearts of Montana” Finale – Guest Review by Hayley

The “Hearts of Montana” series has come to and end with another adventurous tale entitled “Faith’s Mountain Home”!

Anyone who read the first two books in the series will have been waiting for this one, to finally see the outcome of a storyline that was very prominent in book number two.  The story of the twin-brothers-turned-outlaws is finally tied up in this series finale, and paints a picture of redemption, healing, and forgiveness.  Also Laura Hannon, who we have met previously, is the leading heroine of this book, and we learn more of her incredibly tragic past.

There is much praise to be given for this book.  It was interesting and adventurous.  The love story was sweet and (mostly) clean and comfortable to read.  Faith is also a very prominent aspect in this story, and the growing faith of one particular character is beautiful to watch.  

I do find it a little strange that this is the ending of a series.  While the stories of the main characters in this book were tied up nicely, readers are left wondering how some secondary characters will fare in various challenges. Thus, this book didn’t always feel like finale material, as it lacked definite closure in some important areas.

That being said, while the series has it’s flaws, it is still very likable as a whole.  If you enjoy wilderness stories fraught with adventure, danger, faith, and love, “Hearts of Montana” may be just the series for you.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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