A Small Book With A Big Impact

What If Jesus Was Serious About Prayer? A Visual Guide to the Spiritual Practice Most of Us Get Wrong” by Skye Jethani definitely has a title that captures your attention, doesn’t it?  Published by Moody in the summer of 2021, this compact little book is overflowing with thought-provoking “If Jesus was serious” statements, followed by a deeper look into the ripple effect of taking that statement to heart.

Each segment is only a couple pages long, and ends with verses to research in Scripture to learn more.  I did not agree with or find every discussion helpful, but most of them I found challenging, thought-provoking, and insightful.  A couple in particular really resonated with me – they were truly packed with wisdom that I was turning over in my mind long after closing the book.  These include: “If Jesus Was Serious. . . 

  •  “Then Our Prayers Don’t Require Many Words”
  •  “Then The Simplest Prayers Can Link Earth and Eternity” 
  • “Then Prayer Will Change Us, Not Just Our Circumstances”

Now, not only were these discussions well-laid out in simple yet wise terms, but each one is also accompanied by a memorable and profound – yet ever so simple – illustration drawn by the author!  For visual learners like myself, this helps solidify the teachings much more effectively in my mind, and also allows me to better share the concept with others.

Overall, this is a great little book that I am happy to have on my shelf – I have already referred back to it multiple times, and love how it stands apart from other similar books by the addition of all the intuitive doodles and illustrations.  I look forward to more from Skye Jethani, and I plan to go back and read his previous book in this series as well.

I received this book courtesy of Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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