What A Special Story

You know you’ve found a rare, special novelist when each time you open up the pages to their fictional world, it feels like a homecoming.  A Flicker of Light” is the first book I’ve read by Katie Powner, and it is also one of the most vivid and poignant stories I’ve enjoyed in years.  By combining the warmth and humour of small-town country life with some of the most heart-wrenching experiences in this world (death and illness of loved ones) Ms. Powner creates a story that reaches deep into our imaginations and touches our souls.

I love how “A Flicker of Light” is delightfully detail-oriented (Bea and Mitch’s affinity for Country radio was such a fun ongoing conversation!) and yet it doesn’t get bogged down with too many little things.  It moves along steadily, transitioning through difficult seasons in the Jensen family with grace and pain and love, and bringing us along for the journey.  Secrets unfold, relationships grow and change, and most of all God’s love and mercy envelops each member of the family – even when they can’t seem to realize it.  

Just like the hero of the Moose Creek legend, Miner McGee, who will continue searching until he finds the diamond he is looking for… we must strive to seek after God’s truth – no matter what life throws our way – and never give up until we find it.  

I highly recommend “A Flicker of Light” for so many reasons, and cannot wait to read more by the incredibly gifted Katie Powner.  

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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