Take An In-Depth Journey With Moses

Erica Wiggenhorn has a special gift for bringing characters from the Bible to life, and making their stories, struggles, and strivings become relatable to our own lives.  Her new book from Moody Publishers, “Letting God Be Enough: Why Striving Keeps You Stuck And How Surrender Sets You Free” is a bit of a deviation from the last three Bible studies she’s written; instead this book is written in a basic 16-chapter format.  At the end of each chapter is a section to help us pause and reflect, apply, and pray about the content we just read.

Each chapter tackles a topic relating to the overarching theme of surrender, identity, and trusting that God will see us through.  Using a combination of Scripture plus stories from her own life and the lives of her friends, Erica brings the decades-spanning tale of Moses to life as she reveals how he was used so monumentally by God.  The relatable part?  Moses didn’t have any super powers, his upbringing was less-than-ideal, he ran away when he should have stood firm, he struggled with listening and trusting God’s orders, and so on and so forth.  Sound familiar…?  I know it does for me.  But ultimately Moses allowed God to lead him and, well, let’s just say he played a crucial role in the history of God’s people.

There are so many more insights and truths in this little gem-packed book – my example above is just a minor piece of a much larger puzzle that we assemble chapter by chapter.  Even though it’s a tough and heart-wrenching topic at times, Erica Wiggenhorn is a perfect guide as she helps us uncover “why striving keeps us stuck and surrender sets us free”.  

I received this book courtesy of Moody Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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