A Retelling Of Unique True Events – Guest Review by Hayley

What immediately caught my attention with this book was the synopsis.  A classically trained musician diving into the world of Native American music sounds nothing short of fascinating!  Plus it is based on a true story, documenting the work of real-life people who worked tirelessly to preserve pieces of a culture that could otherwise have been lost.  

Some of the pros of this book include:

– A deep appreciation for cultures other than our own, and the importance of learning to respect and gain enrichment from ideas and ways of life that were previously unfamiliar.

 – The book which our main character compiles in this story is actually a real-life publication.  Perhaps someday I will peruse this book, and I know that having read this novel will give me a deeper appreciation as to how it came to be. 

 – The attention to historical detail in this book is admirable and gives authenticity to the story, while still maintaining novel format.

Some cons of this book are:

– Native American Religious beliefs are portrayed as true and complete, even without mention of Jesus Christ.

– Some of the characters’ past choices exhibit a shocking lack of morals when it comes to romantic relationships.  

– The book is slow-moving with very little action.  While I understand it has to remain accurate to the real story, it was a bit hard to stay focused on it at times.

There is much to appreciate in “The Healing of Natalie Curtis”, and also a few aspects to keep in mind and be aware of.  Some readers will still find immense value within these pages, and other will find tidbits scattered here and there.

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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