A Retelling Of Unique True Events – Guest Review by Hayley

What immediately caught my attention with this book was the synopsis.  A classically trained musician diving into the world of Native American music sounds nothing short of fascinating!  Plus it is based on a true story, documenting the work of real-life people who worked tirelessly to preserve pieces of a culture that could otherwise have been lost.   Continue reading

Moderately Enjoyable

Jane Kirkpatrick is a bestselling author who is renowned for selecting inspirational women from history and weaving a story around the factual details of their lives. Her newest novel from Revell, “All She Left Behind”, follows this pattern as she shares the story of Jennie Pickett, a women who lives on the Oregon frontier of the 1870s and longs to become a healer. . . Or more specifically, a doctor. Continue reading

A Light in the Wilderness review

A Light in the WildernessA Light in the Wilderness is an historical novel based on the true-life story of Letitia Carson, a former slave who made a new life for herself in Oregon. Known for fact-based historical novels from a Christian perspective, author Jane Kirkpatrick has continued her tradition with this newest title, published by Revell in the summer of 2014. Filled with details of both true and speculated events, this book would appeal to readers who love history, but are not necessarily looking for a riveting story.

The year is 1844 in Platte County, Missouri. Letitia is a freed slave, but her life is not much better than when she was ‘owned’.   The trials facing a person of color seem unimaginable in this generation, but are described in detail as readers watch Letitia search for true freedom.   As she wonders if life in Oregon Continue reading