The Treasures of Nome Series Will Always Hold A Treasured Place On My Bookshelf

The ending of a series is always a bittersweet moment, isn’t it?  The final story of “The Treasures of Nome” by Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse was definitely sigh-worthy for me, as I’ve loved each moment of this saga from the start.  In “Ever Constant” it is Whitney’s turn for a story, and in my opinion she faces the most difficult struggles of all three sisters.  

Ever Constant” features many typical themes found in historical-romance, such as a love triangle, loneliness, shame, and more… but they also tackle a struggle that is honestly a first for me in all my years of reading.  What theme could that be, you ask?  Well, the female protagonist struggles with a serious addiction.  This issue was dealt with very tactfully and with honesty and raw reality.  It was inspiring, to say the least.  And as I said, it was a first for me. 

Of course, the whole story is not centred around addiction struggles – there is still a fully developed story brimming with love, laughter, adventure, a bit of danger, and all the animal capers we’ve come to love from this heartfelt series set in Alaska (plus a few surprises from the sneaky antagonist, as well).  I highly recommend this story to all fans of Christian Historical Romance, but I definitely suggest you read the first two books in the series first because you will gain so much more appreciation for all the characters have been through, together and apart, to get to where they are in “Ever Constant”.  

My main complaint about this story is not really valid, but simply this: I’m sorry the series is over!  I wish it could go on and share all the future adventures of the Powell sisters and their children, and farm, and life in the rugged plains of Alaska.  But as all good things must come to a close, this was an ending which Tracie and Kimberley can certainly be proud of.  

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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