Anxiously Awaiting My Next Island Visit -Guest Review by Hayley

The second book in “The Secrets of the Isles” series, “To Treasure an Heiress” starts out within mere days of the first book’s ending.  We are transported back to the exact time, place, and circumstances from where we left off, only with secondary characters becoming the leads.  These books should definitely be read in order, as the second book very much builds on the first.   

And, after reading the first book, you’ll see that at the beginning of “To Treasure an Heiress”, Beth remains the same selfish, (dare I say “bratty?”) young lady that we got to know in the first book.  Thankfully, she is much improved by the ending, and turns into the character the we can enjoy our time with, and even come to admire.

A secondary storyline of this book is significantly more somber than others yet covered in this series.  While it does stray into some much heavier topics, this storyline turns into one of the best fictional examples I have ever seen for themes of letting go of shame, and how completely Christ washes us clean of our sins.  While I often object to storylines like this in books, I have to say that this one was handled with excellent tact and did not feel as if it went “too far.”  As a result we get a deeper story, with a simply stunning element of redemption.

As usual Roseanna White has left me eagerly awaiting her next release, the conclusion to this unique island trilogy.  The main characters of the next one are, once, again, characters that we already know from these books, and are perhaps some of my favourites.  For now, I may just have to re-read some of my favourite parts of the first two books, and I recommend them both to you as well!

“Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf-Martin Communications, Inc.”

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